Secondary Curriculum

Paving The Way

There is a clear pathway to academic success at Morrison’s Academy. Our modern curriculum uses the best of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and encourages pupils to achieve their academic potential in all their chosen subjects.

During Secondary School our pupils become confident, capable learners, developing a range of skills which, together with academic success, pave the way for university entry.

We follow the Scottish education system and all pupils are presented for National Qualifications which have been developed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Our SQA exam results are always well above the national average with our pupils consistently gaining top results across the board.

Firmly grounded in the strengths of a Scottish education, our pupils undertake Scottish examination courses.

Subject Choice

In S1 and S2, pupils experience a broad range of subjects across the school.

At Morrison’s Academy, the traditional path is for pupils to study 8 National courses in S3 and S4 (National 5 or National 4 in some cases) and then 5 Higher courses in S5. In S6, three or four Advanced Highers, Highers or a combination of both levels is a popular choice.

Pupils are not restricted by a subject column structure allowing them greater personalisation and choice as well as the opportunity to select subjects that are likely to offer them the greatest possibility of success. Our personalised education ethos continues as we offer flexibility with options to study National 4 in some subjects in S3/S4 and to study National 5 courses in S5 and S6.

Supported Decision Making

Pupils are supported in their decision making process in S2, S4 and S5 through lessons in our Learning for Life programme focussed on subject choice and careers. Each pupil also has an individual interview with either their Head of Year or a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss their options. Additionally, pupils and their parents are invited to attend a Subject Information Evening in which they have the opportunity to speak to Heads of Department about the courses offered in their subject.

On top of our outstanding results, all our pupils, from S1 through to S6, are encouraged to be involved within our school community and take part in co-curricular activities. Read more about our co-curricular activities here.