S6 Experience

Consolidated learning

Academic study remains our primary focus with the S6 commitment comprising a mix of Advanced Highers, Highers and, in a few cases, National 5’s ensuring that all pupils embark upon a balanced and meaningful programme.

Every student benefits from the close support of a dedicated S6 tutor, as well as a UCAS adviser.

Academic Enrichment Programme

The S6 year is enhanced by several extra-curricular programmes, including the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and our Learning for Life programme. All S6 pupils take part in this enrichment curriculum which aims to equip them with additional skills for life beyond school and the workplace.

Alongside the academic diet, pupils experience lessons in enterprise, cooking and philosophy, expanding their practical, creative, collaborative and cognitive abilities. Opportunities to serve abound with the school captains and their deputies leading a team of house officials and all S6 pupils are invited to become school prefects.

Pupils are also presented with volunteering opportunities and participation in co-curricular activities, all of which forms an excellent preparation for university. The recurring themes of ambition, contribution and transition come to full flower with students ready for the next phase of their careers and the support of lifelong friendships.

The culmination of the year is the S6 Fortnight, a programme of activities which has recently included paintballing, sushi tasting, volunteering in the local community, musical recitals and mystery days. A true celebration of our pupils’ learning journey at Morrison’s Academy.