S6 Academic Overview

Strengthening Foundations For Future Study

Traditionally, S6 pupils at Morrison’s Academy study a blend of Advanced Higher, Higher and, if necessary, National 5 courses in S6.

When making decisions about subject choice, pupils should consider their aspirations for life beyond school and any specific subjects required for a university course or intended career.

Studying a ‘crash’ Higher in S6 can be an effective way of broadening pupils’ knowledge and is often seen favourably by universities and colleges. While not always recommended, there is the option to study ‘crash’ Advanced Highers in some subjects in S6 should pupils wish to do so.

Course Structure

Pupils are presented for SQA examinations in May of S6 in each of their subjects.

Many subjects also include an element of coursework in the form of an assignment, portfolio or performance. The regulations for the preparation and writing up of these coursework elements are set by SQA and vary from subject to subject. Almost all are submitted to SQA for external marking.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Morrison’s Academy is the first Peter Jones Enterprise Academy (PJEA) in Scotland. Through our partnership with the PJEA, we offer BTEC Level 3 qualifications to our S6 pupils, enabling them to develop their enterprise, leadership, transferable and employability skills as a core component of their study.

Pupils will have the opportunity to study either the National Certificate (roughly equivalent to 1 Higher), or the Extended Certificate (roughly equivalent to 2 Highers)