S1/2 Academic Overview

Building Foundations For Future Success

In S1 and S2 we place a strong emphasis on developing the skills and experiences on which pupils’ success is built. Our pupils are introduced to an outstanding range of academic subjects, facilities, resources and extra-curricular opportunities.

Pupils follow a broad academic course, experiencing all subjects and building strong academic foundations that prepare them for national qualifications. Pupils can identify their interests and strengths, allowing them to confidently choose their subjects at the end of S2.

Small by Design

Throughout our school we implement a small by design strategy. This means spaces in year groups are limited, allowing us to keep pupil to teacher ratios low. In S1 and S2, this allows our youngest Secondary pupils to be fully supported in having their needs met.

Opportunities and Experiences

It’s not just about academics in S1 and S2. These year groups are fantastic opportunities for new friendships to be made and new interests to be discovered.

Pupils can take part in numerous co-curricular activities, enjoy school trips, holiday camps and adventure and activities weeks.
We offer experiences and opportunities that help shape a confident pupil, who by the end of S2 is ready to take on the exam year courses.