Careers Guidance

Holistic Education

Whether up in the hills negotiating challenging mountain biking tracks, trailblazing in the STEM suite or pioneering business pathways through the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, Morrison’s Academy provides a bespoke education, preparing each and every one of our leavers for whatever career path they choose to follow.

Morrison’s Academy is committed to delivering a personalised and planned programme of career education, information and guidance for all pupils. Careers education is delivered within the structure of the School’s Learning for Life programme and discussions about possible careers and suitable universities begin when your child joins Morrison’s Academy.

Bespoke Support

We provide insight and offer support to our pupils, encouraging and guiding them to make educated and informed decisions throughout their school career which help shape their ambitions and prepare them for life beyond the School.

Whether it be assistance with subject choices, university entrance support work, producing a CV, work experience or preparing for interviews, our pupils leave Morrison’s Academy at the end of S6 as responsible and independent young individuals who are thoroughly prepared for their future and can confidently take the next steps in their lives.

Leavers Destinations

On average 95% of pupils pursue higher education.  The 5% often prefer to take a gap year, an apprenticeship route or directly enter the job market. Post Covid, we have noticed a small trend in pupils choosing to take a gap year or defer starting their University courses. The majority of those choosing a gap year do enter University upon their return.

Every year we see pupils make degree course decisions which reflect all areas of the curriculum offered at Morrison’s Academy.  However there are certain areas of further study that are especially popular with our pupils. 

  • Business related degrees (25% average between 2021-23), including Accountancy, Business Studies, International business, Marketing and Economics degrees are well subscribed. 
  • The field of Medicine is also a field which attracts many pupils (18% average between 2021-23). Degrees in Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Biomedical Sciences, Psychology and Veterinary studies are just a few that have been read in the past few years. 
  • Every year a good number of pupils will select degrees in Sciences and Engineering (12-15% on average between 2021-23).
  • Equally a good number will pursue Law and English (10-12%). 
  • Other degree choices include Geography, Sports, Computing, Languages, Architecture and Agriculture.

On average 25% of our pupils attend Russell Group Universities.  We also have a number of pupils each year who attend University in England or overseas.