SCAI and Former Pupil Support

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) and Former Pupil Support

In 2017, Morrison’s Academy was notified that the school would be part of the Inquiry’s investigation into historic allegations of abuse in Scottish Boarding Schools.  Morrison’s Academy was a boarding and day school between 1860 and 2007 and was among a selection of schools across Scotland asked to contribute to the Inquiry.  Morrison’s Academy and a number of our former pupils have been involved since that date contributing in the important work of the Inquiry which will inform policy, legislation and practise for the protection of children in the future.


What is the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI)?

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) was established in 2015 to inquire into cases of abuse of children in care in Scotland.  The overall aim and purpose of the Inquiry is to raise public awareness of the abuse of children in care, particularly during the period covered by the Inquiry. It will provide an opportunity for public acknowledgement of the suffering of those children and a forum for validation of their experience and testimony. 

To date the Inquiry has looked at care providers such as religious organisations, trusts, charities, local authorities as well as public bodies which supervised and inspected the care providers such as central government and health boards.  Phase Six of the Inquiry is focused on children in care in Scottish Boarding Schools.  

You can read more about the Inquiry on its website –

Why is Morrison’s Academy involved in the Inquiry?

Morrison’s Academy was notified in 2017 by the Inquiry that the school would be part of the investigation into historic allegations of abuse in Scottish Boarding Schools.  Morrison’s Academy was a boarding and day school between 1860 and 2007 and is among a number of schools across Scotland that was contacted by the Inquiry.

What happened during Phase Six of the Inquiry – Scottish Boarding Schools?

All phases of the Inquiry have followed a similar format.  The Inquiry hears from the key organisations and bodies involved in the areas being addressed.  Once a contextual picture is provided, the hearings then progress to those organisations identified and then onto evidence from witnesses who talk about their experiences.

During Phase Six of the Inquiry, the Inquiry team heard opening statements and evidence from representatives of inspection and regulatory bodies as well as opening statements from the individual boarding schools called to participate in the Inquiry. This initial phase of evidence was concluded in April of 2021.  

After that point the Inquiry scheduled to hear evidence from Former Pupils of the schools included in the Inquiry: Loretto School, Gordonstoun, Merchiston Castle, Secretary of State for Defence, in respect of the Queen Victoria School, Fettes College, Morrison’s Academy and more recently Edinburgh Academy.  

Morrison’s Academy’s hearings were conducted over four days in May 2021 where evidence was heard from former pupils, two former Rectors and the Rector at the time, Gareth Warren.

Outcomes and findings

During the course of each phase of the Inquiry, Lady Smith and her team prepare Case Study documents detailing the evidence, findings and outcomes for each of the contributing organisations and also regulatory bodies responsible for each sector.  Conclusions are drawn and advice is provided to ensure that historic failings can’t happen again.

Contact the School

Morrison’s Academy is fully committed to supporting our former pupils, learning from the past and ensuring the continued welfare and safeguarding of our pupils.

Please see the details below if you would like to contact the school:

or by telephone on 01764 653885.

Former Pupil Support

Morrison’s Academy is committed to the safeguarding of our pupils and recognises that abuse during childhood can have wide-ranging consequences for that individual.  The effects of abuse or witnessing abuse can have a profound and enduring impact on the lives of victims, survivors or witnesses of abuse.

Morrison’s Academy takes all allegations of abuse seriously, regardless of when they were alleged to have occurred and regardless of who was alleged to have perpetrated them. We are committed to learning from the past to ensure the best possible safeguarding for our pupils as well as supporting any former pupils who have experienced non recent abuse.

Morrison’s Academy welcomes contact from any former pupils who wish to share their experiences of school with us and is committed to supporting any former pupil who has suffered abuse. 

We take any allegation very seriously.