Former Pupils & Friends


For over 160 years Morrison’s Academy has been nurturing, inspiring and educating our young people, thousands of whom have subsequently gone on to achieve great things nationally and internationally in careers as physicians, business leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, actors, teachers, adventurers, authors, artist and athletes – as well as pursuing many other professions.

Our FP network is an intrinsic part of our Morrison’s Academy family.

Morrisonians Network

We are always delighted to welcome our FPs back to Morrison’s Academy to share their knowledge and expertise as well as offering career guidance. Pupils have often benefited from work experience opportunities provided by our network of Morrisonians.

If you are an FP and would like a tour of the school, please call the school in advance to book a suitable time.


Morrison’s Academy was founded in 1860. We have a rich history. Enjoy taking a trip down memory lane and search our digital archive.


To find out more about Morrison’s Academy’s involvement in the Inquiry or about the support available to Former Pupils please follow this link.


In compliance with GDPR legislation, all Club members must consent to correspondence from the School and the Morrisonian Club.

You can download a copy of the Morrison’s Academy Stay in Touch consent form here.


Morrison’s Academy has a proud tradition of philanthropy. We owe our creation to the far-sighted vision of our founder Thomas Morrison and benefactor John Smith as well as countless former pupils, parents and friends of the school. Every classroom, building and facility is here because of their generosity.

For the school to continue to build on this foundation and heritage, we require the on-going financial support of the Morrison’s community.

You can download a copy of the Morrison’s Academy Pledge Form here.