Primary Curriculum

Our Curriculum

At Morrison’s Academy we know that the Primary stages are key developmental areas in a child’s life and we aim to provide the very best start for our pupils. Across the Primary School our key approach to teaching is active pupil engagement, collaboration, enquiry and problem solving.

Our School is a Scottish Curriculum for Excellence school which allows us to follow a structured, progressive curriculum and use core benchmarks to inform teachers’ planning, especially within Literacy and Numeracy.

By following the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence our Primary School can assess our pupils against the national standards. We expect to be meeting and surpassing these standards.

We know every child

Our restricted class sizes allow teachers to truly teach to the needs of individuals and spend quality one-to-one time with every child. We know every child, we know their strengths, their interests, their talents and their challenges and are able to tailor our teaching to the needs of every pupil.

Our Primary School teachers assess, track and monitor all our pupils and each class teacher meets with the Head of Primary on a termly basis to discuss all pupils. This detailed tracking and monitoring of pupils is the key to our pupils’ academic success.

The Luxury Of An Independent School

However, it’s not solely about academics, the luxury of being an independent school allows us to add other bespoke aspects to our curriculum. Our Golden Thread subjects; Outdoor Adventures and Activities, Music, Art, Sport, STEM and Enterprise and our Learning for Life programme allow every child to flourish and grow in their areas of interest and develop their talents.