Primary Co-Curricular

Beyond The Classroom

At Morrison’s Academy, we believe co-curricular activities add so much value to a child’s time at school.

Exam results matter, but many of the most important aspects of education cannot be measured. Beyond the classroom at Morrison’s Academy there are a wealth of opportunities for our pupils to expand and broaden their horizons through our co-curricular programme.

Whether your child is interested in sport, debating, arts and drama, music, technology or outdoor pursuits we have something to inspire, challenge and enrich every pupil’s learning and educational experience.

Learning New Skills

Research shows that pupils’ future career progression depends just as much on character as exam results – the ability to operate in a team, possess good communication skills, be willing to work hard and use imagination and initiative. Pupils can find new passions, meet new friends in different year groups and enjoy learning new skills.

With over 90 co-curricular activities and clubs available to our Primary and Secondary pupils, they are spoilt for choice.

At Morrison’s Academy we offer a personalised education. We encourage pupils to make the most of all of the opportunities available to them. We also do our utmost to ensure that we support our families and make accessing both school and the opportunities available as convenient as possible.

Activities and clubs run both during the school day at lunchtime and after school. Pupils can participate in the co-curricular activities they are interested in, take the bus time that suits their family or use our wraparound care when needed.

Age Appropriate

Our co-curricular clubs are age appropriate. In the lower years we focus on establishing solid academic foundations before adding additional activities. Not to mention that pupils can be exhausted by home-time after a full day of learning!

We start co-curricular clubs for Primary One after the October holidays.

Examples of Primary Clubs:

School Magazine Club
Hockey for boys and girls
Science club
Lego Club
Green Team
Dance Club
Rock climbing
Wind band
Mountain biking
Trailrunners Club
Football Club
Art Club
Mindfulness Club

Eco Club
Warhammer Club
Board games Club
Junior Pipe Band
Book Club
Fun Games
Junior Strings
Crafty Club
Musical Club
Drama Club
Primary Choir
Newspaper Club
Photography Club