P1-3 Foundation years

Exceptional Education
Memorable Experiences

Our teaching methods and curriculum is constantly evolving; however, our aim remains constant – to give pupils an exceptional education, memorable experiences and firm foundations for the future.

Focusing On Foundations

These key foundation years are so important. At Morrison’s Academy, we help guide a child to love learning right from the start. 

Across the Primary school our key approach to teaching is active pupils engagement, collaboration, enquiry and problem solving.  Our pupils are not passive in learning, they are actively engaged in it.

Literacy and Numeracy

From Primary One to Three we focus on building a child’s literacy skills. We focus on phonics and common words and through reading and writing exercises and activities we put all this learning into practice.

With guided reading, flexible groups, weekly writing sessions focusing on creativity and personal experiences our pupils are given the literacy foundations to succeed.

During Numeracy lessons we use mental maths warm ups, counting, rhymes, supported consolidation and sharing the learning activities. All of which help to build a strong foundation and confidence in numeracy.

Context For Learning

At Morrison’s Academy our topic work is called, ‘Context for Learning,’ when our pupils are learning a new topic, we incorporate the whole curriculum.

Our topics can be anything from space, the Vikings, toys, fairyland or people who help us.

Our teachers incorporate the topic learning in creative writing tasks, artwork, drama, music and in everyday classroom life. Our pupils love to delve into subjects and be immersed in the topic.

Golden Threads

From Primary One our pupils enjoy each of the Golden Threads and have specialist teachers for PE, Outdoor Adventures, Music, Science and Stem.

The Importance Of Play

The importance of play is never forgotten and our children enjoy playing in our safe, beautiful school campus. There is a variety of play equipment, a quiet area with benches and tables, and a garden patch where the children grow flowers and vegetables.