Foundations are set
Friendships are built
Memories are made

Our small by design Primary School has been educating young children for over 160 years.
Our Primary School is filled with light and laughter and our large, bright classrooms are home to welcoming, kind teachers and inquisitive young pupils. It provides a caring, happy and stimulating environment where children thrive, achieve and grow in confidence.

Our pupils are supported to meet the high academic standards expected to realise their full potential.

STEM, Art, Music, French, Home Economics, Science, PE, Outdoor Adventures, co-curricular clubs and so much more create an exciting, enriching, happy and personalised education right from the very start.

In our Primary, fun, laughter, experiences and opportunities are abundant. Imagination and creativity is encouraged.

Primary Ethos

Our School is a Scottish Curriculum for Excellence school and our pupils enjoy the benefits of small, non-composite classes, with two-form entry for Primary 5, Primary 6 and Transitional (Primary 7) classes.

We strive to develop enquiring minds, tap into the children’s talents and provide them with a solid academic foundation on which to build for the years ahead. Dedicated and well-qualified teachers provide a high quality, seamless and coherent education.

We know every child. We know their strengths, their interests, their talents and their challenges and are able to tailor our teaching to meet the needs of every pupil.

P1 – P3 Foundation Years

From Primary One to Primary Three children learn, in small classes. They learn the essential building blocks of literacy, numeracy, and problem solving skills on which their future success depends.

P4 – P6 Upper Primary

In the upper stages of our Primary School the core subjects continue to be developed as the children are introduced to a broadening curriculum. The pupils will experience a higher level of expectations and challenge. Our pupils benefit from specialist teaching in Art, French, Home Economics, Music and PE.


The transition from any stage of education into another is one of the key influential processes in the life of any child.

Our Transitional (P7) year is unique to Morrison’s Academy, allowing children to make a smooth and confident transition into our Secondary School with a programme designed to develop the skills they will need.