Our Philosophy

A Secure Environment

The Nursery at Morrison’s Academy is a nurturing environment where children feel safe and secure and are surrounded by staff who know them as unique individuals.

We take time to bond with children. When we help a child to feel secure, appreciated and we show we are truly interested in them, we believe that positively influences the child’s whole personality, their confidence and self-esteem.

Indoor / Outdoor

We know that giving children the best start to their education journey is so important, as it continues to have a positive impact on their future learning and development. Providing the right setting is a key part of this successful foundation.

We have a stunning Indoor / Outdoor environment with spaces to be innovative and creative. Wellies and waterproofs are part of our requirements as we spend a good portion of time outside at play and in our investigations.

The Importance of Play

Children learn best when they are at play, this is where they feel comfortable to ask questions, to investigate and to explore possible worlds through their imagination.

This is why the Nursery gives plenty of time for uninterrupted play.

The Nursery’s inquiry based approach ignites curiosity, celebrates childrens’ ideas, as they uncover and develop a sense of innate wonder, questioning skills and love of learning.

Part of a Wider Community

The atmosphere in Nursery is special, with its emphasis on pastoral care establishing the warm and welcoming environment within the whole school.

When children and their families join they become part of a wider community in which every member is valued, and positive relationships between children, staff and parents are fostered.

In our Nursery the opportunities to learn, to be inspired, to grow and develop are limitless.