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SCAI and Former Pupil Support

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) and Former Pupil Support

In 2017, Morrison’s Academy was notified that the school would be part of the Inquiry’s investigation into historic allegations of abuse in Scottish Boarding Schools.  Morrison’s Academy was a boarding and day school between 1860 and 2007 and was among a selection of schools across Scotland asked to contribute to the Inquiry.  Morrison’s Academy and a number of our former pupils have been involved since that date contributing in the important work of the Inquiry which will inform policy, legislation and practise for the protection of children in the future.

Morrison’s Academy welcomes contact from any former pupils who wish to share their experiences of school with us and is committed to supporting any former pupil who has suffered abuse.

We take any allegation very seriously.

To find out more about Morrison’s Academy’s involvement in the Inquiry or about the support available to Former Pupils please follow this link.