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Choosing the Right School for Your Child: What makes Morrison’s Academy so special.

The search for the best school for your child is a multifaceted journey. When choosing a school parents often consider location, commute, environment and the added value that extends beyond academic considerations. 

This article can help parents who are choosing an independent education for their children and guide them through differentiating factors. 

Family-Friendly Environment

Logistics are always going to play a huge part in the school you choose, so think about your family’s needs on a practical level. Are you within walking distance of the school, or is there a school bus? Do they offer after school clubs? If you have several children, you might also want to think about the benefits of them going to the same school. Simplifying your routine, administration, uniforms and parents’ evenings are just a few to consider.

Morrison’s Academy is an all through School with Nursery, Primary and Secondary on one campus. Set in the heart of Perthshire, the leading Independent day school understands the demands of family life. Their family-friendly hours, wraparound care and holiday camps make it easier for busy families to manage school commitments alongside work and other responsibilities.

Morrison’s Academy offers an extensive bus service with eight easy to access bus routes with over 26 stops throughout its catchment area. The 16.30 bus home ensures that Primary and Secondary pupils can participate in co-curricular activities and still make it home in time for family dinner. Our bus service takes the stress out of mornings and simplifies the school commute.

Day School or Boarding? 

When considering the choice between Day School versus Boarding School, it is essential to evaluate the unique features each educational setting offers. Ultimately, whether opting for the structured environment of a Boarding School or the familial setting of a Day School, families should align their choice with what best suits their child’s educational and personal development needs.

Families choosing between a Day School or Boarding School will also need to consider the financial difference between the two. A Day Pupil fees at a Boarding School are significantly more expensive than the fees for a pupil at a Day School. 

Morrison’s Academy, as the only all-through independent day school in Perthshire, prides itself on creating a warm and inclusive school community where every pupil is a valued member. With no divide between day and boarding pupils, every Morrisonian is on a level playing field, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among pupils and year groups.

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence should be a top priority when choosing a school for your child. Look into the school’s curriculum, teaching methods, and pupil performance. A school with a strong academic program will provide your child with the tools they need to succeed in their education and future life.  

It is important to consider the curriculum a school offers whether that is A-Levels, the IB programme or SQA examinations. 

Morrison’s Academy has educational endeavour at its heart. The school has consistently strong exam results and enjoys a reputation for academic excellence. 

Morrison’s Academy is a Scottish Curriculum for Excellence School and all pupils sit the SQA examinations. This focused approach allows teachers at the school to fully immerse themselves in the curriculum, ensuring that they have a deep understanding of the content and are able to provide the best possible support to their students. 

Offering a happy childhood

Prioritise a school that understands the importance of a happy childhood – where your child’s early years are not only academically enriching but also filled with laughter and the joy of discovery. Find a school that provides the right balance between academics and play, exploration, and fun with friends and watch your child flourish and grow into a confident, curious, and resilient individual.

A school that fosters enthusiasm for learning, like Morrison’s Academy, creates an environment where education becomes an adventure and sets your child up for future success. Morrison’s Academy aims to develop the whole child. Morrisonians are busy and enjoy taking part and are not only successful academically but they are also socially and emotionally well-rounded. Pupils spend their lunch breaks and after school immersed in activities and clubs with pupils having over 90 clubs to choose from. 

Become a Morrisonian

If you are seeking the best education for your child, consider Morrison’s Academy. With a track record of outstanding academic teaching, a strong emphasis on personalised education, and a variety of co-curricular activities, Morrison’s Academy consistently strives for the highest.

To learn more about our school and to become a Morrisonian, book an Open Morning, tour or taster day today.