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All Through Excellence at Morrison’s Academy

Morrison’s Academy is the only all through independent day school in Perthshire, providing a supportive environment for children aged 2-18. Our commitment to excellence in education has resulted in a strong tradition of academic success, with an impressive 95% of our leavers going on to University.

An all Through Personalised Education

One of the key benefits of Morrison’s Academy is our all through day school structure. As the only independent school in Perthshire to offer Nursery, Primary, and Secondary education on the same campus we offer a unique setup. This allows our pupils to form lasting relationships with their peers and teachers, creating a sense of community and belonging. 

From the early years of Nursery and Primary School to the demanding years of Secondary education, our dedicated teachers and staff are committed to fostering a love of learning and instilling a sense of confidence in every student. With a focus on individuality and personal growth, we strive to create a supportive community where pupils can thrive.

Seamless Transitions 

As our pupils progress through the school, our staff are able to share valuable information about each child’s learning preferences, areas where they might need support, and where they excel. This transfer of information helps our staff build a comprehensive picture of each child’s strengths and provides a seamless educational journey from Nursery to S6.

At Morrison’s Academy transitions between school stages are easy. We prepare children for the next step.

We offer the Nursery Transition programme. Our soon to be Morrisonians spend a morning each week with their new Primary one teacher in the lead up to joining our school. This programme offers the new Primary One class time together and allows them to become familiar with each other, their teacher, the playground and important areas of the Primary building. 

Our Primary Seven Class, which we call, ‘Transitional’ is unique to Morrison’s Academy and allows our pupils to make a smooth and confident transition into our Secondary School. 

Throughout Primary School our pupils are taught their specialist subjects by our Secondary School teachers, whilst remaining with their Primary School teachers for core subjects of Literacy and Numeracy.By the time they reach Transitional, pupils spend approximately 50% of their time in the Secondary School. 

This easy transition through stages allows our pupils to become more independent and accustomed to following a secondary style timetable. Pupils who complete the Transitional year at Morrison’s Academy move to S1 with increased confidence and a self-assurance that allows them not to be anxious or nervous, but to be excited about starting Secondary School.

Curriculum at Morrison’s Academy

Morrison’s Academy follows the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, which provides a structured and progressive framework for teaching and learning. The core benchmarks set out in the curriculum allow our teachers to plan effectively and assess our pupils against national standards.

As an independent school, we have the luxury and flexibility to incorporate additional elements into our curriculum, to enhance the learning experience. Our Golden Thread subjects are a key part of our all through school curriculum. All pupils from Primary One to S6 enjoy Outdoor Adventures and Activities, Music, Art, Sport, STEM and Enterprise, as well as our Learning for Life programme. 

Our innovative curriculum, experienced teachers, and state-of-the-art facilities provide students with the tools they need to excel academically and personally, no matter their stage. We ensure that every child from Primary One – S6 has the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their talents. 

Become a Morrisonian

If you’re looking for a school with excellence at all stages, where your child can thrive academically and personally, look no further than Morrison’s Academy. With a focus on stage transitions, all through curriculum and personalised learning, we provide a unique educational experience that prepares our pupils for a successful future.

Join us at Morrison’s Academy and see your child thrive.