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From Primary One, our pupils are presented with a wealth of academic opportunities and experiences.  As pupils progress through our Primary, they experience subjects including Art and Design, Home Economics, Music, PE and STEM classes all from specialist subject teachers.

This progressive approach culminates in our Transitional year (Primary Seven). This year allows children to gently transition from Primary to Secondary education by experiencing a Secondary style timetable whilst still within the security of the Primary School.

From Transitional to S2, our pupils are introduced to the full range of academic subjects as well as a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities.  They are encouraged to seek new areas of interest.  These experiences help them to build the foundations to make their all important National 5 subject choice decisions by the end of S2.

At Morrison’s Academy, we are ambitious for our pupils and encourage every child to find their passions and interests through our broad and contemporary curriculum.  We offer the SQA’s National 5’s, Highers and Advanced Highers courses.  These courses are the foundations for future study with 95% of our leavers going on to university.

All pupils are encouraged to take eight National 5 subjects in S3 and S4, five Highers in S5 and a mix of Highers and Advanced Highers in S6, depending on their University course requirements.

When choosing subjects, S2, S4 and S5 pupils are not restricted by a subject column structure, we keep options broad and fit the timetable around them.  Our smaller class sizes ensure an individualised approach with our timetable built around personalisation.  This provides pupils with the opportunity to select subjects that are likely to offer them the greatest possibility of success.

We believe this cumulative approach to learning and experience builds pupil confidence and self esteem, while giving them the best possible opportunity to succeed.  We help them to find interests and passions, giving them opportunities to shine and strive for the highest.