Morrisonian Pride

Morrisonians take pride in their presentation and appearance.  For our pupils, our uniform is a physical representation of our school community and spirit.  By wearing our uniform you become a Morrisonian.

Pupils at Morrison’s Academy have worn uniforms since our establishment in 1860.  In the early days this was to enable pupils to be easily recognised within the community, as well as to ensure parity among pupils.

Whilst our uniform has evolved over the years since, the roots of our uniform can be traced back to 1860.  Our blazers, badge and colours have remained largely unchanged.

Today we are still known for our red socks, our Morrison’s Academy tartan kilts and most importantly our badged navy blazers.  Our uniform has been adapted over time in keeping with both fashion and form however, the central ethos of putting your best foot forward is never out of fashion at Morrison’s Academy.  We encourage pupils, from Primary school and up, to be smartly dressed in their uniforms, reflecting well upon themselves and our school community.

Full details of our uniform list, uniform guidance on our parent portal and options for purchasing can be found below.

Official Uniform Suppliers

New items of uniform are available from the School’s official suppliers:

Stevensons, 85 Scott Street, Perth, PH2 8JR

Schoolwear Made Easy (Gilmour Sports)

Nearly New Shop

Items of school uniform can be bought and sold at our Nearly New shop run by parents. If anyone wishes to visit the Nearly New shop, they should email NNshop@morrisonsacademy.org