Morrisonian Pride

Morrisonians should take pride in their presentation and appearance. The uniform should be worn with shirt tails tucked in, ties fully done up and top buttons fastened.

All pupils at Morrison’s Academy must adhere to uniform guidelines. Eccentric alterations will not be tolerated. With the exception of school shirts and blouses, trousers, kilts and scarves, regulation uniform items carry the school badge. Only regulation items should be worn.
Pupils are expected to be smartly dressed in their uniforms as this reflects well not only on the pupils, but their home and the school.

Official Uniform Suppliers

New items of uniform are available from the School’s official suppliers:

Aitken & Niven (part of The Stevensons Group)
Stevensons, 85 Scott Street, Perth, PH2 8JR

Schoolwear Made Easy (Gilmour Sports)

Nearly New Shop

Items of school uniform can be bought and sold at our Nearly New shop run by parents. If anyone wishes to visit the Nearly New shop, they should email NNshop@morrisonsacademy.org