Vision For A Morrisonian

Strong Bonds

A young person who is educated at Morrison’s Academy will not only achieve academic success but equally important is the way in which they will be shaped positively by their environment, having had a wealth of different experiences. Morrisonians understand the value of integrity, honesty and acceptance of others. Our community is friendly and caring, tolerant of difference and courageous enough to challenge intolerance. Pupils develop strong bonds with each other, with friendships and memories made at Morrison’s Academy lasting a lifetime.

Morrisonians know that learning is a lifelong journey; they have a thirst for knowledge and are creative problem solvers. Open to new experiences, our pupils are confident individuals who can work individually and as part of a team; they can turn to the staff for support with their decision making, whether they apply for university, college or go into a career straight from school. We encourage our young people to build intrinsic motivation in order to succeed in their chosen field and, if they face setbacks, they can overcome those challenges.

There is no doubt that our young people, when they leave school, understand the privilege of their education and being part of the Morrison’s Academy family. Equally, they understand how important it is to be open-minded, empathetic and charitable, striving to give their time with compassion for others and an interest in the world.

We take great pride in the certainty that pupils leave Morrison’s Academy with a wealth of fond memories and with the ability to appreciate those who have shaped the start of their learning journey. Wherever our former pupils choose to live, study or work, we know that they are embracing opportunities as active members of society. Morrisonians know that they will always be warmly welcomed back by their family at Morrison’s Academy.