Morrison’s Academy

Rector’s Welcome

Morrison’s Academy is a school I have known since the start of my teaching career and I am privileged to be the Rector of a school with so much history, tradition and excellence but also the vision to provide the best education for our pupils as they navigate the 21st century.

I believe that every pupil deserves the best opportunity to fulfil their potential as a confident and caring human being, knowing there is nothing they cannot achieve if they put their mind to it. Morrison’s Academy has a strong culture of learning, care and community and we aim to develop the curiosity of our pupils by delivering a rich, creative and innovative curriculum. The strong connections with our parental body, Morrisonian Club and the local community allow us to deepen the impact of Morrison’s Academy locally and nationally. As a centre of learning excellence with caring, expert staff, supported by high quality pastoral care, Morrison’s Academy provides pupils with opportunities for personal growth inside and outside of the classroom.

An all through school is best placed to deliver a cohesive, engaging and exciting education for its pupils, where every child is known and valued throughout their journey. Every pupil is encouraged to strive to their highest level and aim to reach their potential during each stage of their development.

It is very clear that the foundations of learning are established through an engaging primary curriculum and, as an all through school, with many lessons delivered by subject specialists Morrison’s Academy not only enables the delivery of a cohesive Curriculum for Excellence with smooth transitions across the five curriculum levels but provides an enhanced education to prepare pupils for their future beyond their school years. I am passionate about the importance of education to change the world because our young people are the leaders of the future. It is our job to equip them with the confidence, resilience and skills to live a life that will enable them to flourish in their future.

Morrison’s Academy is a centre of learning, care and excellence, providing an all-round provision at the forefront of Scottish education. Our motto, Ad Summa Tendendum – strive for the highest, encapsulates our vision of ensuring every pupil is equipped to grow and prosper as an individual with the encouragement and support of the Morrison’s Academy family.

Andrew J McGarva