The care, wellbeing and happiness of all our pupils is a priority and therefore our Pastoral care system across the school is very strong. All our teachers nurture every child and our pupils feel very secure in school.

We have a strong pupil support department which provides academic support and interventions where necessary.

In Primary we have a designated nurture teacher who can provide either individual and small nurture support groups for specific pupils who may be going through a difficult time in their life and need some additional wrap care.


Yourselves as parents play a key role in the education of your child and therefore we place a significant importance in our 3 way partnership between parent, teacher and pupil. We will always keep you updated with information regarding your child’s progress, what’s happening in the classroom and offer regular opportunities for parents to share in your child’s learning journey. Parents are very much part of the journey at Morrison’s Academy.

We have a specific Health and Wellbeing programme ‘Building Resilience’ which we use across the Primary school which focuses on children having the skills and strategies to deal with tricky situations in relation to their mental health, emotional wellbeing and how to navigate the challenges which pop up in their lives.

During Learning for Life lessons, pupils from Primary and Secondary are taught about emotions, resilience, talking things over and having a positive mindset. We also teach our children about their emotions and help them to understand how and why they react in the way they do to certain situations.