We Are Morrisonians

About Us

With small by design classes, Morrison’s Academy prides itself in knowing every child and providing a truly personal education.

We understand their potential, we guide them to find their passions and develop their strengths.

All-through Day School

We are the only independent school in Perthshire to offer the benefits of an all through school. With Nursery, Primary and Secondary being on the one campus, our pupils foster lasting relationships. As pupils move through the school our staff are able to share information on your child’s preferences for learning, where they need support, where they need to be challenged and this transfer of information helps to build a strong picture of your child’s strengths.

At Morrison’s Academy we deliver continuity of learning from Nursery to S6. Our pupils build lasting relations with their peers and staff. Their journey through education is seamless and evolutionary, from Nursery to Primary or Primary to Secondary.

Our Curriculum

Our School is a Scottish Curriculum for Excellence school which allows us to follow a structured, progressive curriculum and use core benchmarks to inform teachers’ planning. By following the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence our School can assess our pupils against the national standards.

The luxury of being an independent school allows us to add other bespoke aspects to our curriculum. Our Golden Thread subjects; Outdoor Adventures and Activities, Music, Art, Sport, STEM and Enterprise and our Learning for Life programme allow every child to flourish and grow in their areas of interest and develop their talents.

Prepared, Confident, Happy

We ensure, whatever year group your child joins, they are prepared, confident, and most importantly, happy as part of the wider Morrisonian community.

Exam Results

Morrison’s Academy A-C Pass Rate results for the last five years:

LEVEL 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
Advanced Higher 92% 99% 95% 100% 91%
Higher 96% 95% 93% 94% 95%
National 5 95% 97% 95% 95% 94%